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GTK development notes

Short Circuit development

You can find the code over at gitlab Short Circuit repo!

So one of my friends and I teamed up to do an developer tool to improve our workflows. Heavily inspired by Boop on mac. Since unfortunately it is not on linux and nothing like that exists on linux, we thought we will learn GTK dev and do it for ourselves and in turn for the community. This is the first time my friend got introduced to the GTK dev space. Although I have some experience, I do not have enough knowledge to give him any kind of constructive guidance.

GNOME developer handbook

You can read the book here!

There are two things which I think GNOME needs to do work on relating to smoothing the [python] GTK app dev cycle asap.

  1. Documentation which does more “Hand Holding”
  2. Proper autocomplete support for [python] GTK libraries

I am trying to solve the first problem here. I want to make a tutorial so straight forward that someone who just knows [python] and has no idea how GTK / Linux Application Development and get them to a position where they are able to develop small GTK applications. We build one GTK application which set’s the wallpaper of desktop randomly from unsplash. Although it looks simple, there is scope to cover a bunch of basic concepts which are crucial for GTK application development.


One thing I sorely miss when I moved from mac OS is a solid PostgreSQL native GUI. I used table plus and Postico. Both of them are fantastically solid and native mac OS desktop applications. I wanted something similar for GNOME.

So, I started my work on Post Master. It is a [python] GTK application which helps us connect / edit / explore databases. In the background, it uses SQLAlchemy, which means our application will support all the database types SQLAlchemy will support.

Features being worked on

Other notes