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Side Projects

I love programming and I love solving problems. So I happen to do a lot of small and nifty utilities for myself and make it open source for others to use. Most of the time you will find some or the other project referred over at [right-now].

Find all the code for my side [projects] over at Github.

Some very early stage ideas

Mouseless clone on linux.

Focus tool

Calender with layers

A lot of people believe this is an important idea missing from calendars. Although you could go a bit far with something like google calender, I think there is a lot more to this.The idea is that the calendar app will have layers/plugins you can add on top. with the right integrations, A calendar can be a life log as well. Let me explain.

Say for suppose you have a run of the mill calender, and you add a diary layer on top. Now every morning or night you get a reminder to put in your thoughts. You add in another layer of [music] integration and record data of all the songs you listen to. Add in another layer for tracking all the application’s/games you open, add in another layer to integrate browser history, another layer for fitness tracking, another layer for sleep tracking etc.. At some point, a loaded calendar can be a digital life log for a person. It will be really interesting to see how that will look like.